Annual Report 2017-2018

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Dear m2m Family, Friends, and Supporters,

Welcome to mothers2mothers’ (m2m) first-ever digital Annual Report! We are thrilled to share highlights of the past year, our new impact data, and programme developments in this new dynamic format to make the beautiful photos and videos of our work come to life.

Last year, our strategy to grow our programme in scale and scope yielded real impact and contributed to the United Nations Global Goals of ending AIDS, ensuring good health and wellbeing for everyone, and achieving gender equality by 2030.

Together with our partners, we broadened our reach in 2017, enrolling nearly 2.3M new clients—mostly women, children, and adolescents—and employing almost 3,000 HIV-positive women as Mentor Mothers. We delivered services at 1,000 geo-locations (health centres and surrounding communities), across eight African countries. Most critically, we continued to deliver stellar results in our core area of ending paediatric AIDS—achieving virtual elimination of mother-to-child transmission of HIV for the fourth year in a row (1.6% transmission rate) among our enrolled clients.

Furthermore, after providing five years of technical support, we transitioned our PMTCT programmes in Kenya and South Africa to government operation. Now, hundreds of government-employed Mentor Mothers work at health centres across each of these countries while we operate demonstration sites and centres of excellence. We call that a strong end-game!

We also continued to deepen our services to meet the changing needs of our clients. We are most proud of the remarkable results delivered by our Early Childhood Development programme—last year nearly 22,000 children benefited from our ECD services in three countries (a 55% rise over 2016 ) and 97% of these children achieved all of their developmental milestones (cognitive, social, emotional, motor and language development, and physical growth) at 12 months. Meanwhile, 34% of our client base were adolescents and young adults this year (up from 29% last year), a direct response to the increasing burden the HIV epidemic is taking on these young people.

To our donors, partners, board members and trustees, staff, and friends who support m2m’s work—we are deeply grateful to you. Your continued commitment to our Mentor Mother Model has created healthy futures for millions of women, children, adolescents, and families in sub-Saharan Africa.

To read the full annual report, simply continue to scroll down. I hope you enjoy our new digital experience!

Asante sana, Dankie, Enkosi, Ke a leboha, Natotela, Ndi a livhuhu, Ndza Khensa, Ngiyabonga, Ngiyathokoza, Nyanja, Obrigado, Siyabonga, Webale nyo, Zikomo...and Gracias...

Frank Beadle de Palomo

President & Chief Executive Officer

Our Impact

m2m is contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals of ending AIDS, improving health for everyone, and achieving gender equality. We do this through our peer-based model that employs and pays HIV-positive women from local communities to deliver health services to women, children, and adolescents across eight African nations.


In line with our strategy, m2m has grown in scale and scope to provide family-centred services to women, children, and adolescents in hundreds of health centres and communities across eight African countries.

Broadening our reach

Our Health Facility-to-Community Platform is designed to ensure women, children, and adolescents access healthcare, start any treatment they need, and are retained in care. To do this, we employ Community Mentor Mothers (CMM) who go door-to-door in the catchment areas served by the nearest health centre, and educate and engage with women and families who have not received medical care or who have stopped treatment. In addition to providing direct services, they link clients to Mentor Mothers working at nearby health centres who support them in accessing the services they need. Our digital tools allow us to optimise client service delivery, while ensuring accurate tracking, follow up, and reporting.   

Growing in scale

m2m has successfully scaled the Mentor Mother Model. In 2017, after providing five years of technical support, we transitioned our original prevention of mother-to-child transmission (PMTCT) programmes in Kenya and South Africa to government operation. Hundreds of government-employed Mentor Mothers now work at health centres across each country. We have begun a similar process in Mozambique.


As we expand our footprint, we are also investing in deepening our services to meet the changing needs of women, children, and adolescents—our three primary client groups. We are doing this by enhancing and improving existing services, while adding new service lines.